SpaceX launches Dragon cargo ship to ISS, but fails to land rocket


The first stage rocket had separated normally several minutes after the lift-off, but as it approached the landing site, it started spinning rapidly.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said on Twitter Wednesday he believed the booster could still be salvaged and reused for an "internal" SpaceX launch.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying 64 "smallsats", set a record for most satellites strapped to a rocket booster, a stack more than 20 feet tall. As she is floating in the water cannot drown.

Despite the rotation of the accelerator around its axis and its "hanging out" from side to side, engineers and automation made it possible to stabilize its movement and gently privodit. It appeared to be undamaged and was transmitting data, Musk said, adding that a recovery ship was sent to retrieve it. "Ships en route to rescue Falcon", he wrote.

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The official cause of the accident was the failure of the pump of the hydraulic control system of lattice stabilizers.

Despite the landing, the mission successfully placed in orbit its Dragon uncrewed cargo spacecraft.

Television cameras switched away from the rocket a moment before impact, but amateur video showed the rocket extending its landing legs and slowing for landing on the power of a single engine, the normal procedure for touchdown.

A SpaceX rocket booster is still floating in the ocean after the Falcon 9 missed its intended ground target and splash-landed following Wednesday's launch from Cape Canaveral.