Ryan Zinke is resigning, and the internet's reaction is priceless


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The ouster of Mr. Zinke, who faced numerous ethics investigations and was loathed by environmentalists, is part of a year-end shakeup at the White House.

Zinke is one of several members of Trump's cabinet to come under fire over expenditures, including reports that his department was spending almost $139,000 to upgrade three sets of double doors in his office - a cost he later said he negotiated down to $75,000.

Zinke's tenure overseeing the nation's public lands has been controversial and has resulted in a number of federal investigations.

But in his statement, Kieran Sucking cautions that Zinke's departure does not mean the Trump administration will stop its efforts to roll back environmental regulations and promote energy production. In his resignation letter, obtained by The Associated Press, Zinke said "vicious and politically motivated attacks" against him had "created an unfortunate distraction" in fulfilling the agency's mission.

Zinke has previously been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives as well as a member of the Montana State Senate.

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Mr. Zinke's job, however, has been under intense stress for months.

The executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity says "Zinke will go down as the worst Interior secretary in history". The Department of Justice and the Interior Department have declined to comment. "His slash-and-burn approach was absolutely destructive for public lands and wildlife".

There are two other continuing investigations of Mr Zinke's conduct.

"The swamp cabinet will be a little less foul without him", Mr Schumer said.

The watchdog is also investigating Mr Zinke's decision to block casinos proposed by two Connecticut Native American tribes. Shortly afterwards, Trump made the announcement on twitter.

His departure comes amid a shake-up of key staff as President Trump heads into his third year in office.