Roger, the unbelievably ripped kangaroo, has died


Sadly, it has emerged in recent days that Roger has passed away of old age - he was 12, kangaroos have a life expectancy of 8-12 years - with The Kangaroo Sanctuary posting a photo of him looking completely relaxed (and still incredibly buff) just a few days before he passed away.

The rescue roo was saved as a little joey when his mother was killed in a road accident. So we will reflect on his life today and for many years to come.

Roger was just a joey when he was pulled out of his mother's pouch by driver Chris Barns after she was hit by a auto and killed.

In a video statement, Chris "Brolga" Barns, kangaroo rescuer and founder of The Kangaroo Sanctuary, said that Roger died of old age.

A couple of years ago, the sanctuary published another video on Facebook of Roger sprawled on his back in the dirt.

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Roger is said to have measured about two metres high and 90 kilograms in weight when he was an alpha male.

"I bolted. I was running faster than Usain Bolt to get away from him", Barns said, recalling how he tried to cut away from the charging kangaroo and caught his foot in the ground, incurring the damage. "It's a handsome shady tree and we found him underneath that tree".

"At the beginning, there was a close bond but soon he looked at me as competition and wanted to fight me", said Mr Barns. The last photo taken of Roger showed him idling on the ground as he waited to be fed.

"From an orphaned joey to the world's most famous kangaroo, it's awesome what love can do", said Erin Tewksbury.

Kangaroos normally live to be 12 years old in the wild, he added.