PETA wants you to remove 'speciesism' from your vocabulary


On Tuesday, PETA tweeted that people should remove "speciesism" from daily conversations.

They are urging people, for example, to use phrases like "bringing home the bagels" instead of 'bringing home the bacon'.

The animal rights organization then included a color-coded chart with what they view as offensive phrases on the left in red and what they view as acceptable substitutions on the right in green.

Instead of bringing home the bacon, we should be bringing home the bagels, apparently.

In a follow-up tweet, PETA compared the "anti-animal" language to racist and homophobic language.

Instead of: "Be the guinea pig".

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But judging from responses, they may be feeding a fed horse.

The organization then suggested ways in which people could stop using "anti-animal language".

"Say: "Take the flower by the thorns".

In lieu of "kill two birds with one stone", how about saying "feed two birds with one scone"? Some twitter users even suggested other alternatives, like "Curiosity thrilled the cat".

The tweets have received a huge amount of backlash, with more than 20,000 people replying, mostly criticising the organisation.

Joey Gall added: "PETA introduced me to the term "speciesism" today which 1) is not a thing and 2) diminishes the legitimacy of racism, sexism and classism that many still don't quite recognize".