Michelle Obama: 'I still have a little impostor syndrome'


"Barack doesn't play games - and that's a very attractive quality". "But sometimes that stuff doesn't work". I grew up where I trusted men to take care of me.

She teasingly called her husband "Mr "We're gonna change the world" though she admits she did not really want him to do so. These days, I'm more in control of my time'. "Marriage is a lot of work, and it should be". "And so the queen says "just get in, sit wherever" and she's telling you one thing and you're remembering protocol", Obama recalled, "and she says, 'Oh it's all rubbish, just get in'". Michelle Obama is the latest cultural leader to weigh in, joining team "nah, they can't" - at least not "all the time".

Michelle Obama reveals the advice she'd give to the Duchess of Sussex, in the January issue of Good Housekeeping.

In an honest, amusing account of her life and her time in the White House, Mrs Obama spoke frankly about the challenges she faced as the first black first lady - and that even one of the most famous women in the world still worries about falling over and looking stupid.

"My advice to young women is that you have to start by getting those demons out".

She told some 300 students - mostly girls aged between 11 and 18 - at a north London school that her last visit there as the first lady in 2009 had inspired her to work for better education.

"A true partnership requires two whole people, first you have to choose well or choose someone fully formed because love doesn't form somebody, that isn't what love does, love doesn't fix broken-ness in that way so you have to choose somebody already pretty well formed or at least unformed in ways you can deal with".

May accuses Labour of pushing Britain towards no-deal Brexit
May answered: "It will be a decision for parliament". "The bottom line is that we must not end up with a no deal by default". The deal has been criticised by both eurosceptics and europhiles among May's own Conservative Party.

Waiting at the royal estate to drive them to lunch was Her Majesty and Prince Philip. I'm not saying that there aren't talented people out there.

Michelle Obama said that one of her biggest fears as as First Lady was falling over in public and the clip becoming a meme.

She continued: "Overall, we are not seeing a major increase in female leadership in any industry or in any government in the world, and I think that's a shame". If you look at the history of America, the Voting Rights Act is not as old as I am so we are still overcoming.

"What happens to black women, you become a caricature. the size of her hips, her style". So for young people out there, especially in 20s and 30s you may not like you yet because you haven't explored enough, you haven't seen yourself pushed through the hard times.

She said the idea that women could have it all at the same time was "a lie".

Are you one of those people who thinks royal protocol is all nonsense? "I thought we were at home, y'all".

"We are putting down markers, we make progress and going backward doesn't mean the progress wasn't real", she says of her husband's influence.