"Marvel's Spider-Man" PS4 Players Are Getting A New Toby Maguire Skin


Following two reboots, an uncertain agreement between Sony and Marvel and the global domination of the MCU, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse offers an entirely new spin on an established character. A few holes in the spider-web of deceit and villainy can be quite visible if you focus too much on the story.

He also added an additional note for those "trolls" that are saying they "won" because of the suit's addition.

Marvel's Spider-Man update version 1.13 is out now on the PS4.

Added the Webbed Suit.

Addressed various additional issues in "Silver Lining" DLC pack.

Added "Friendly Neighborhood" Difficulty Mode. You'll still be able to play it until that date, but don't expect to see any new content being added to the title.

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Added 3 new filters to Photo Mode (8bit, EGA, and Retro).

Addressed an issue where some lines of dialogue would be delayed in "Turf Wars" DLC pack.

The "Silver Lining" DLC brings Silver Sable back to New York City as she tries to take down Hammerhead and the Maggi by any means necessary.

For whatever reason - nostalgia, probably - players of the really-rather-super Marvel's Spider-Man have been requesting Maguire's outfit for some time.

Those who want to grab it while it's still available will find themselves taking part in a story that has the Gold Goblin recruiting Spider-Man to defeat the Sinister Six who are invading NY by using a portal. This suit appeared in all three films in Raimi's trilogy, eventually given a splash of black paint in order to depict Venom's origin as the Black Suit. Let us know in the comments section below.