Jennifer Lopez Stars Alongside Daughter Emme in Empowering 'Limitless' Music Video


The track, which is featured in Lopez's upcoming movie Second Act, also stars her daughter Emme.

"When I tell you, she was so wonderful and I was so proud".

The late-night host has a lot of work to do in perfecting both of them, but we absolutely loved hearing both Jennifer and Leah revert back to the accents of their upbringings that have been softened in the years since they lived "on the block".

In another part of the music video Emme performs a few of Lopez's well-known dance moves, absolutely slaying it. Emme plays a younger version of her mom, who is shown struggling to climb a hill before fighting through and making it to the top.

Limitless is the first music video Lopez directed, and it's bomb. "I am limitless." She discussed the video on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last week. I have value. I am equal.

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'I was directing my first music video, it was all about her. (The plausibility of this part of the story is, like cheap leather, best not examined too closely.) This reunites her with a key person from her past (ditto), causes some issues with her sweetly loyal boyfriend Trey (Milo Ventimiglia), and leads to a fairly predictable story of business-y doings, deceit, exposure and ultimate empowerment.

As Lopez sings, "I couldn't fight anymore", she appears in a second setting, wearing a red suit and futuristic glasses, standing between two lines of women donning matching glasses and dark suits.

Second Act opens in theaters nationwide on December 21, with Limitless emphasizing the powerful message of the movie - the only thing stopping you is you.

Second Act is set for United Kingdom release on 25 January.