Imran tacitly acknowledges that 26/11 originated from Pakistani soil


"Let's hope that after the election is over, we can again resume talks with India", he said.

Khililzad's visit to Islamabad followed a request from U.S. President Donald Trump to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking help in furthering the Afghan peace process.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is in Afghanistan to fight against global terrorism, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday.

Mr Khan said peace in Afghanistan was in Pakistan's interest and vowed to put pressure on the Afghan Taliban but said it was "easier said than done" with "about 40% of Afghanistan now out of the government's hands".

McKenzie told lawmakers that he did not see much of a change in Pakistan's behaviour towards Afghanistan or its stand against terrorist groups. We are in Afghanistan to help the Afghan people, but we are also in Afghanistan to help ourselves.

"Exxon has come back to Pakistan after 27 years, and they're doing a big exploration for us".

Gen. Ghafoor again rejected allegations his country is allowing the Taliban to plan attacks inside Afghanistan.He said Pakistani security forces have eliminated all terrorist sanctuaries on their side and a military-led massive construction effort is now underway to fence off the almost 2,600 kilometer border with Afghanistan.

"We are not engaged in peace talks with the Taliban", he said.

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Dunford stressed that his top priority is not to ensure security and stability in Afghanistan, which has been lying in shambles as a result of the 17-year-long war, but to "make recommendations for the deployment of military force that protects the American people, the homeland and our allies". Now I'm happy that everyone realizes there is only a political solution.

"We believe they are not playing a fully constructive role as they should be in contributing to a political settlement in Afghanistan and in addressing the very real challenges that violence generated by the Taliban poses for the society", he said. Then, in 1989, when the Soviets packed up and left, the United States did too. "We do not want to have conditions imposed on us which would cause more unemployment and inflation", he explained.

"To push the peace agenda forward, an authoritative negotiating team will conduct direct negotiations with the Taliban and we expect the same from the Taliban to give us a united negotiating team", said Saikal.

"The ruling party [in India] has an anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan approach", he pointed out.

"We have 2.7 million Afghan refugees".

During last month's exchange with Mr Trump, the Pakistani leader said his country had suffered 75,000 casualties and lost $123bn (£95.7bn) during America's so-called war on terror despite no one from his country being involved in the 9/11 attacks.

He maintained that he wanted the case of the Mumbai attacks to be resolved, adding that he has "asked our government to find out the status of the case".

Khan has made similar remarks earlier after India cancelled a proposed meeting in NY between the two countries' foreign ministers in September. "Resolving that case is in our interest because it was an act of terrorism", the Pak PM had said. I don't think we have to get anymore statement from anybody.