Here’s the new trailer for ‘Captain Marvel’


"Captain Marvel" premieres in theaters on March 8, followed by the fourth as-yet-untitled "Avengers" film May 3. And, finally, the trailer offered a few sneak peeks into the story with Carol's apparent return to Earth in pursuit of some wayward Skrulls inspiring a search for her real identity. Considering the revelation that Carol is not only part Kree but was engineered to be "superior", could she be a result of additional genetic engineering? In preparation for the role of Carol Danvers, the actor has taken her training very seriously, not just physically and emotionally, but by training with Air Force pilots in an F16 and engrossing herself in the comics.

Captain Marvel seems able to put on or remove her helmet at will, which she seems to use for space and underwater combat.

And then there are the Kree, a race of noble warrior heroes.

This is also the first time we get to see Jude Law's mysterious character speak. And it wouldn't be much of a Captain Marvel film without a nod to Goose the cat.

'So, Skrulls are the bad guys, ' Fury says, as Danvers glances at the subway car's patrons.

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Earth was caught in the conflict with these two often warring races. I'm willing to bet big money @DisneyStudios moves Avengers 4 release date so it is day and date around the world like the last film.

While every Marvel fan is eagerly waiting for the Avengers 4 trailer, tonight's Monday Night Football game gave us a new look at Captain Marvel.

New Avengers: Infinity War concept art reveals early designs for Thanos' Outriders and the horrifying creatures bear a striking resemblance to Venom. Due to her knowledge of the universe and its various inhabitants, she will likely come in handy against the Mad Titan, a being she probably already knows about due to her interstellar adventures.

We get to see Annette Bening as a Kree, the creepily erotic Ben Mendehlson as a Skrull... a fight scene in a train with an old lady - honestly, how could we ever make this any better?