Ex-NJ Gov. Christie out of chief of staff hunt


After sifting through a cadre of candidates to be his new chief of staff - some qualified and some eminently unqualified - the president chose the person who has the best chance to go the distance. President George W. Bush, by comparison, had two chiefs of staff throughout his entire eight years as President; Bill Clinton had four, and Obama had five.

"It only speaks to continued ambiguity in the White House". In past administrations, chief of staff was a sought-after job, typically awarded after a careful process.

Mulvaney, a conservative former SC congressman, will be the third chief of staff in under two years to take on the task of running a White House besieged by a drumbeat of investigations and the expectation of more as Democrats take over the House of Representatives next month. He's not going to change this president and shouldn't try.

On Thursday, Mr Trump said he had a shortlist of five - and one reported name is USA trade representative Robert Lighthizer, who has been at the heart of Mr Trump's trade policy, overhauling foreign trade deals by using tariffs to try to open markets.

The appointment of Mick Mulvaney to the White House by Donald Trump is a positive move for crypto-fans and aficionados alike. "He got picked because the president liked him they get along", an official told reporters. Mulvaney isn't a strong personality who feels the need to challenge the president or prevent access to other top advisors.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jabbed first son-in-law Jared Kushner on Friday amid reports that he was in still in the running to be President Trump's next chief of staff.

Mulvaney is now the director of the Office of Management and Budget. It is the organization that oversees all elements of the executive branch of government for the president.

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Mulvaney's role as John Kelly's replacement refreshes a bit the way of doing politics inside the White House.

Russ Vought, Mulvaney's deputy in the budget office, will fill in for him, the official said.

"A lot of people wanted to have it, and a lot of friends of mine want it, a lot of people that Chuck and Nancy know very well want it, I think people you'd like". It controls all spending, all regulation, all testimony to the Congress, and really runs things for the president. And, perhaps most importantly, he's a strong conservative. He is also expected to tangle with the Democrats and Republicans over funding of the wall President Trump is promising to build. "And we have a lot of people who want the job chief of staff, and so we'll be seeing what happens very soon", he claimed.

Mick Mulvaney, it seems, was the last man standing.

"Mulvaney has an easy rapport with Trump, often taking large charts and colorful graphics into the Oval Office to explain fiscal policy, administration officials said", the Post relayed.

Chad Pergram of Fox News and FOX Business' Henry Fernandez contributed to this article.