Ex-FBI chief grilled over Clinton emails


Former FBI Director James Comey is appearing before a closed-door session of the House Judiciary Committee today. Democrats will also attend the interview.

Republican lawmakers maintain that anti-Trump bias among senior officials resulted in the FBI focusing more on its probe into the Trump campaign's links to Russian Federation and less on its investigation into Democratic candidate Clinton's private email server.

Comey was asked on his way into the meeting room about President Trump's assertion that he is best friends with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is overseeing the Russian Federation probe.

The Democrats are advocating for Comey to give public testimony, but critics note that only gives each lawmaker 5-minute intervals to ask questions.

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director dropped his opposition to a closed-door hearing on December 2 after members of the Judiciary Committee panel agreed to provide a full transcript within 24 hours and said he would be permitted to make it public.

President Trump Sounds off on Former-FBI Director James Comey's closed door testimony on Capitol Hill.

Comey is appearing for the interview after unsuccessfully fighting a subpoena in court.

The former FBI director went on to say that anything related to Mueller's investigation, to his understanding, would be "off limits" as it is an ongoing investigation.

"This is a waste of time to start with", Nadler said.

"After a full day of questioning a few things are clear to me".

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Comey was in charge of both those investigations.

In October, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said he was "shocked" and "dumbfounded" when he learned that FBI had granted immunity to former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills during its investigation into the use of Clinton's server, according to a court transcript of his remarks.
"The entire goal of this investigation is to cast dispersion on the real investigation (by) Robert Mueller".

The New York congressman Jerrold Nadler, who is the top Democrat on the judiciary panel, said he would end the investigation in January when Democrats took over the House.

"Don't do it in a dark corner and don't do it in a way where all you do is leak information", said Comey's attorney, David Kelley.

"The FBI attorney is not engaging any more or any less than what she has done in previous transcribed interviews", Meadows, a Trump ally, said.

The committees are expected to release a transcript of the deposition as early as this weekend.

"We had more questions than we had time", said Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

He added that the Justice Department inspector general's investigation into these matters is looming over all of this.

The report said the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who announced in July 2016 that Clinton had been "extremely careless" with classified material but would not be charged with any crime, repeatedly departed from normal Justice Department protocol.