Bethenny Frankel Details Scary Life-Threatening Allergic Reaction!


Everyone who watches "The Real Housewives of New York" knows Bethenny Frankel is allergic to fish, but the rare allergy is far more serious than maybe even Bethenny knew.

She is now looking to donate new mattresses to the hospital.

Newton-Wellesley wished Frankel well, tweeting "so glad you're feeling better!"

"She was in ICU for two days and just got out tonight", a friend of Frankel tells PEOPLE.

When a fan noted her boyfriend's role during the incident, Bethenny noted that "he saved my life".

"She nearly died. It was that serious".

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When the police realised it was all fun and games, Williams asked them to participate. Williams is familiar with the area, "We're not trouble".

"I couldn't talk, see, thought I had a stroke & dying & told if [I was sent to the hospital] 5 mins later I'd be dead", the reality star tweeted.

While the women were sitting at dinner, Bethenny asked if there was fish in the soup after her throat started itching. "I've heard about it and this will be a mission of mine". She also used the experience as a Public Service Announcement for those with severe allergies.

The call was placed on Sunday afternoon in MA.

WebMd says that the symptoms for a fish allergy are hives or a skin rash, nausea, stomach cramps, indigestion, vomiting and/or diarrhea, stuffy or runny nose and/or sneezing, headaches, asthma and - less common - anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening reaction that impairs breathing and can cause the body to go into shock.

This is not the first time Bethenny has had a fish scare. "I thought it was chicken, f-". Back in August, her on-again, off-again boyfriend Dennis Shields passed away suddenly from an accidental drug overdose. "It's like poison inside you", said Bethenny.