Apple Music now available on Amazon Echo devices


Amazon has announced the availability of the Echo Wall Clock, and this device isn't what you think it is at first glance.

Apple has rolled out support to its music streaming service - Apple Music to play music on Amazon Echo speakers through Amazon's digital assistant Alexa.

Apple Music on Alexa has access to your personal music library, including playlists.

The rollout has started in the United States through the Alexa app on Android and iOS. It looks like the launch of one of these gadgets, the Amazon Echo Auto, has now been pushed back to 2019. If you want to avoid this and set Apple Music as your default streaming music provider for Echo, follow the below steps.

Apple Music on Amazon Echo Speakers Launches in the U.S., But Canada Won't Get Update
Apple Music is now playing on Amazon Echo speakers with Alexa - news

While Amazon hasn't said anything officially, the product page for the Echo Auto has scrubbed any mention of "this year" from the listing, AFTVnews notes. Of course, an Apple Music subscription is necessary to complete the link; users without a subscription will see a message saying that the link was unsuccessful. The Alexa will let you know about the current track's name.

Alexa has changed how I use timers. You can also listen to music through a group of Amazone Echo speakers added by you using Alexa app. Whenever you play a song, all the speakers will start playing it simultaneously. For now, the functionality seems to be limited to Amazon's own Echo speakers.

Although Amazon initially indicated that it would be out the week of December 17th, Apple Music support has begun to roll out on Amazon Echo devices today in the US. So if you are using Amazon Echo speaker, you can update the Alexa app and link your Apple Music to test out this new feature.

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