Amazon: Tech Giant, Amazon, Debuts New Service For Building Blockchain


With this move, AWS can now be seen as embracing the hybrid cloud ecosystem. "Large-scale satellite operators often build and run their own ground stations at a cost of up to one million dollars or more each; smaller operators enter into inflexible long-term contracts to make use of existing ground stations", wrote Jeff Barr, a Chief Evangelist for AWS on his in-company blog.

"On Timestream, Jassy said: "[It] will change the performance of your time series DB by orders of magnitude because we built it from the ground up to be a time series database, it's not a general store retrofitted to emerging needs".

The second type of builders are willing to trade some of the service granularity to start at a higher abstraction layer where much of the construction has already been done for them and they can get started faster.

"We had a breakthrough a few months ago when we were working with a customer trying to get compute and storage from AWS on-premises, and connect back seamlessly with the rest of their AWS presence in the region closest to them, and we thought that could be a more generalised idea", Jassy said. The new service is being offered in its preview version from the 28th of November 2018 and offers an immutable ledger that shows all changes made which are cryptographically tracked and recorded.

With Outposts, customers can now put AWS into their own datacenters using the AWS hardware.

Rahul Pathak, General Manager, Amazon Blockchain at AWS said, "Many of our customers want to build applications where multiple parties can execute transactions without a central, trusted authority, and they also need to create a blockchain network". The same hardware will run, and be configured & used by the same methods.

All of this can be easily managed and monitored through AWS Control Tower's dashboard, providing customers with centralized visibility into a customer's AWS environment including information such as accounts provisioned, preventive and detective guardrails enabled, and the compliance status of accounts as it relates to the guardrails.

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Another customer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, is using the service to extract patient data from hospitals to provide decision support and analytics. Alibaba a public cloud provider that is the popular company in China has also announced its own AI chip.

In his keynote, Jassy said none of the hybrid options now available provide a truly consistent hybrid experience.

The announcement comes soon after the launch of AWS Transit Gateways, which will provide a single way to manage the network resources, both in cloud and on-premises.

However, it seems Amazon no longer perceive the blockchain as it used to in the past.

Despite the evangelizing of companies like AWS and Microsoft that it was the cloud way or no way at all, the reality is that many companies' investments in bare-metal services are not only performing well, but spikes in demand, for instance (which cloud scalability helps to solve, among other pluses) are not reason enough to subject customers and users to potential upheavals. Users can train reinforcement learning models in an online simulator and then test-drive them on DeepRacer. This leadership has led to a close relationship with AWS, which is confirmed by Trend Micro being an APN Advanced Technology Partner, an AWS Security Competency Partner, an AWS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Partner, an AWS Government Competency Partner, and an AWS Marketplace seller.