Wildfire triggers evacuation order for Malibu


In Northern California, flames killed at least five people and "incinerated" the town of Paradise, where a blaze had grown to almost 110 miles and was burning "completely out of control", according to the Associated Press.

Wildfires burned out of control on Friday across California, killing at least nine people in a mountain town and forcing residents to flee the upscale beach community of Malibu in the face of a monster fire storm.

So far, all the dead have been reported in Paradise, where more than 6,700 buildings - a lot of them residences - have been consumed by the late-season inferno.

As firefighters struggle to contain the uncontrolled wildfires, forecasters said intense winds and low humidity could fuel the blazes and make them spread even farther.

Three fast-moving wildfires burned in California on Friday morning, including one that spurred the evacuation of 75,000 homes near a city that was still reeling from a mass shooting.

US President Donald Trump put the death toll at 11 on Saturday evening - a count that seemed set to rise with bodies being recovered in Paradise.

Sheriff's officials would only say that two fatalities were reported in the 33000 block of Mulholland Highway, the same address provided to the Acorn by the source the day before. About 35 people have been reported missing, authorities said.

The flames descended on Paradise so fast that many people were forced to abandon their vehicles and run for their lives down the sole road through the mountain town. Those hoping to donate can do so directly by searching "donate Southern California fires" and their donation will be redirected to the center.

In total, there are now 14 wildfires blazing in California and acting governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency.

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The fire broke out Thursday northwest of Los Angeles and roared southward, jumping the USA 101 freeway. We can not guarantee that it is suitable for the visually or hearing impaired.

Mrs Herrera, who lives in Paradise with her 88-year-old husband Lou left a frantic voicemail to family saying they needed to get out. In Los Angeles and Ventura counties, a significant number of homes were destroyed or damaged, fire officials said.

In a move that has surprised literally nobody, Trump has responded to the disturbing fire by threatening to remove federal funding for those responsible for managing forests in California.

"Pretty much the community of Paradise is destroyed".

"The town is devastated, everything is destroyed".

One of those affected was former West Wing actor Martin Sheen, who told Fox affiliate KTTV that the fire was the worst he had ever seen.

Director Guillermo del Toro tweeted that Bleak House, his museum of horror movie memorabilia, was also in the path of the flames.

In the south, a smoky haze still hung in blue skies, with the vicious winds that drove the flames in their first two days gone and expected to stay away until Sunday. Some 250,000 homes are under evacuation orders across the region.

Jones said one of the town's two elementary schools, Paradise Elementary, burned down.