Trump slams Donnelly over ads for Libertarian candidate


This is the last weekend before the U.S. midterm elections, and President Donald Trump is busy campaigning for Republican candidates. A White House that has struggled to stay on course under favorable circumstances would be tested in dramatic ways. If you are going to have gridlock, you might as well have someone on which to blame it who is not in your own party. Trump then heads to neighboring Tennessee to campaign for Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who polls say has edged ahead of Democrat Phil Bredesen, a former governor, in their contest for an open Senate seat.

White House aides insist the president doesn't spend much time contemplating defeat, but he has begun to try to calibrate expectations.

Watkins, a political newcomer, has been caught inflating parts of his biography, but Trump carried the GOP-leaning district by 17 percentage points, and the GOP is hungry to keep the seat. He told the AP last month that he won't bear any responsibility should Democrats take over.

His final-days campaign swing also has featured provocative comments about immigration, the economy and Democrats - and a litany of false statements. If this happens, the House will likely begin impeachment proceedings against the President - and if passed by a simple majority, it goes to the Senate which acts as a jury and if it "convicts", it needs to confirm this with a two-thirds majority.

"It's all about turnout", Senator Chris Van Hollen told "Fox News Sunday", as Democrats wage what polls say is an uphill battle to win control of the US Senate.

As a red-state Democrat, Donnelly has had a target on his back ever since he unexpectedly defeated Republican Richard Mourdock in 2012, when the former state treasure said a woman who gets pregnant from her rapist is carrying a "gift from God". Other committees are plotting aggressive oversight of Trump's administration and his web of business interests.

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law under former President Barack Obama, health insurance companies could deny coverage to people with preexisting medical conditions in many states, or charge them more for it.

A slim Republican majority in the House would also present challenges, likely inflaming simmering intraparty disputes. They're running to replace retiring Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins.

At every step, the billionaire Republican boasts the excellent employment figures and tax cuts adopted in December 2017, before embarking on an apocalyptic description of the migration policy of his opponents.

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The last redistricting took place following the USA census in 2010 - which turned out to be a very good election year for Republicans.

Independent candidate Greg Orman, a Kansas City area businessman, trails far behind Kelly and Kobach but could be a spoiler helping Kobach.

The midterm elections are right around the corner, and the Democrats are fighting to gain control of Congress. And Democratic leaders have already telegraphed a wariness about that. "And if Democrats do take back the House, they're going to need some legislative accomplishments". Manchin, who is in a closer than expected re-election race, is making 12 more campaign stops in the last two days of the election all across the state in an effort to stave off Morrisey. From stoking fears about illegal immigration to warning of economic collapse if Democrats are victorious.

In Florida, Trump campaigned for Governor Rick Scott, who is trying to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, and U.S. Representative Ron DeSantis, who is running for governor against Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor.

"The president's party nearly always loses seats in the midterm, so it will not be a surprise if there are Democratic gains", West said.

OHIO: One of the most critical elements of Donald Trump's remarkable 2016 victory was his ability to flip blue-collar Ohio, long a critical battleground that the Republicans won by eight points two years ago, thanks in large measure to his "America First" trade mantra.

Other seats they could win are harder to find.

For Democrats, the midterm elections have been a beacon in the dark, a chance to re-emerge from the political wilderness and repudiate a president they view as a unsafe force. Republicans were quick to point out that the party in power typically suffers defeats in midterms.