Trump attacks Macron with new world war jibe


The tweets came on the heels of a trip on which Trump seemed isolated from other leaders.

Macron opted not to respond to Trump's Twitter challenges.

U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Jim Hanson said Monday that French President Macron's apparent jab at President Trump's nationalistic views was "unnecessary".

While France's Ambassador to the U.S. clarified that the comment did not mean Europe needs defense against the U.S., Trump took to Twitter to defend the troops, insinuating that France would have lost both world wars if it weren't for U.S. aid. Trump visited a different US cemetery in a Paris suburb on Sunday. He said European nations should pay more into the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation budget rather than increase their spending on another defence group.

US President Donald Trump has attacked his French counterpart in a series of tweets that underscore how much the once-friendly ties between the leaders have soured, just two days after returning from Paris.

Trump concluded by suggesting he could help "MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN".

Mr Le Maire said Mr Trump's outburst is "an extra incentive" to create a "real" army. She underscored that such a force would not mean the end of the US -led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance.

Trump complains that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, including France, are not paying their share of the defense alliance's expenses.

Macron told Trump that France was not making a choice between a European defense strategy and multilateral organizations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Trump also missed the Paris Peace Forum with French President Emmanuel Macron, which started on Sunday.

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"We are not making any comment", the presidency said.

Macron called Trump "my good friend" and squeezed his knee at the end of their remarks to reporters.

Trump then criticized the current state of the wine trade between France and the United States, tweeting that "France makes it very hard for the sell its wines into France, and charges big Tariffs, whereas the US makes it easy for French wines, and charges very small Tariffs". "Not fair, must change!" he said.

According to the Wine Institute, the European Union levies tariffs ranging from 11 to 29 cents per bottle of USA wine.

Trump, who built a career in business before he entered politics, opened a winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2011.

Mr Trump said his French host was "just trying to get onto another subject" and there was "no country more Nationalist than France".

He also again attacked Macron over the latter´s calls for a European army, slammed as protectionist French tariffs on United States wine and declared there was "no country more Nationalist than France".

The president's trip to France was further clouded by controversy over the cancellation of a visit to a World War I USA military cemetery - after his helicopter was grounded by the rain - a decision that was widely criticized.

A stony-faced Trump, who listened a few feet away, has described himself as a nationalist and has promoted an "America First" policy.

He then went on to rebuke Trump's nationalistic tendencies.