MUELLER MADNESS: Special Counsel Claims Paul Manafort LYING to Russia Probe, FBI


He made the plea deal to head off a second trial after being convicted last summer on eight felony counts related to millions of dollars he hid from USA tax authorities in offshore bank accounts.

The brief but remarkable development indicates that not only has the former Trump campaign chairman shared extensive information with Justice Department prosecutors since he began cooperating, but that prosecutors also believe they are able to verify or refute that information.

Mueller's team of prosecutors in court filings on Monday said Manafort breached an agreement he had to cooperate with the investigation and now faces a stiffer sentence.

GREENE: So do Manafort's lawyers have any answer for these allegations?

He pleaded guilty in October 2017 and pledged to cooperate with the Mueller probe, and was later sentenced after expressing his remorse that he "lied in an investigation that was important to national security". "Perhaps he feels this is to get a pardon, if the ultimate goal is to protect Trump or people very close to him".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she's unaware of any conversations about a potential pardon for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

What charges has Manafort faced?

Instead, the document laid bare the differences between two sides who have met repeatedly since Manafort entered his guilty plea on September 17 before U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Trump’s ex-campaign chief Paul Manafort LIED to FBI after guilty plea, claims Mueller
Mueller: Manafort Lied During My Investigation, Voiding His Cooperation Agreement

So Manafort has a lot more headaches now, but then again, so does Mueller.

The prosecutors were blunt in characterizing Manafort's misconduct.

Mr. Manafort's "crimes and lies" during a series of interviews with prosecutors working for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and the F.B.I. relieve them of all promises they made to him in the plea agreement reached in mid-September, investigators wrote in the filing.

Now, Jackson must decide whether Manafort has been telling the truth or not.

Manafort's lawyers did not immediately return messages from The Associated Press. He also admitted that he tried to tamper with witnesses. So I guess one question is could the special counsel have lost an important witness potentially here in the whole Russian Federation investigation? The special counsel has done a lot of work for nothing - or at best, nothing the DoJ couldn't have accomplished on its own regarding Manafort and his ex-partner Rick Gates. "He was easily convicted and then chose to cooperate rather than go through another trial and more prison time being added to his sentence". He reported to serve his 14-day sentence Monday at a prison camp in Wisconsin.

Both cases stemmed from his Ukrainian political work and undisclosed lobbying work he admitted to carrying out in the USA in violation of federal law.

Yet court filings indicate it is fairly advanced, with a focus on whether there is enough evidence in multiple contacts between Trump campaign aides and Russians to support charges of a criminal conspiracy to disrupt the U.S. election. He may wind up with an even longer sentence if the judge finds he breached that deal. In 2011, Obama gave his original 10-year term a two-year extension. This has led to political pundits, journalists, TV personalities, and commentators on both sides of the aisle to question just how "Frickin' stupid' Paul Manafort really is".

Trump believes the FBI should have seized the DNC's server as part of its investigation, despite the fact that investigators do not need it to obtain the information they need.

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