Mohammed bin Salman 'told White House' Khashoggi was a risky Islamist


But Yasin Aktay, who advises President Tayyip Erdogan and was a friend of Khashoggi's, told Hurriyet newspaper that the corpse was disposed of by dismembering and dissolving it.

In the op-ed, Erdogan said he did not believe "for a second" that King Salman was involved in the murder, and also refrained from directly accusing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Riyadh initially claimed Khashoggi left freely after visiting the consulate in Istanbul on October 2. It was the most detailed official allegation made so far in connection to Khashoggi's death.

The delegation met with the embattled leader at the royal palace in Riyadh to hear his vision for the kingdom and the region - a first for a group of USA evangelicals, according to a press release about the meeting from A. Larry Ross Communications.

What happened in the Istanbul consulate was horrendous and it should be duly dealt with.

"We're under no illusions about the challenges that are in Saudi Arabia and that remain", Rosenberg said.

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have taken active measures in an effort to curtail what they perceived as expanding Iranian influence through proxies in neighbouring countries. Iran has denied accusations it is building a nuclear bomb, saying weapons of mass destruction are prohibited under Islam.

Other speakers called for the United States not to balance its strategic and military interests against the necessity of seeking justice for the journalist's killing.

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Instead, Cengiz said, "Some in Washington are hoping this matter will be forgotten with simple delaying tactics. There will be no coverup". But because of its deep investment in Prince Mohammed as the main linchpin of the administration's Middle East agenda, the Trump administration concluded it could not feasibly limit his power.

But, the statement said, the Saudis had not answered three questions the Turkish side posed - namely, where Khashoggi's body is; whether Saudi investigators had uncovered evidence about the planning of his killing; and the identity of the reported "local collaborator".

On Friday, more than 100 writers, artists and activists sent an open letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urging him to launch such a probe.

The murder of the royal insider-turned-dissident has provoked widespread outrage against Riyadh and fuelled an global debate about arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia, a key Washington ally against Iran.

"As responsible members of the global community, we must reveal the identities of the puppet-masters behind Khashoggi's killing and discover those in whom Saudi officials - still trying to cover up the murder - have placed their trust", Erdogan noted.

Khashoggi, once close to the Saudi royal family, moved to the Washington, D.C. area in recent years.

"When officials of our government are asked about consequences for Jamal's murder, they often talk about "balancing our interests in the area, '" he said".