IL sees jump in turnout for early voting


If you applied for an absentee ballot, make sure to mail it in time to be received by the early voting clerk by 7 p.m. on Election Day for it to be counted. "On Election Day you go to your home precinct to vote". State officials said the problem was connected to Hart eSlate voting machines, which are used in about 30 percent of counties statewide. On Friday, a federal judge ruled that election officials must make it easier for voters whose registrations are pending to prove they are US citizens when they go to the polls.

Advance voting in person ends Monday at noon. "We are staying very steady and very busy, with 400-plus people a day" voting, she said. "I love seeing the parking lot fill up, it's wonderful".

The surge is due in large part to an increase in overall voter registration.

What advantages, if any, high early voting turnout will give to the candidates is unclear.

The statewide turnout four years ago was 50.5 percent, the October 30 story said.

Those levels are comparable to 2016, which saw 43 per cent of Democrats and 40 per cent of Republicans making up the total turnout with just six days left until the election.

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More than four out of 10 voters eventually cast ballots after Election Day in 2014.

New Mexico voters are picking a new governor, one USA senator and deciding on two open congressional seats, as they fill a long list of statewide public offices including attorney general and secretary of state. Democrats saw a 52.6 percent turnout with 20,417 ballots cast.

While the general voter participation of young folks skyrocketed in Texas, Hispanic and African-American votes have doubled in the state - a demographic that also largely votes Democratic. For the record, those latter groups account for about 23 percent of the ballots in party registration states.

In past presidential years, two-thirds to three-fourths of voters cast early ballots, de Leon said.

Election day for the 2018 midterms is Tuesday, Nov. 6.