How And Where To Access/Start Red Dead Online Beta


Rockstar Games will make the Red Dead Online access public to all users on November 30 while it will be gradually rolled out to others from November 27 till November 30.

It's worth noting that this time, the servers aren't actually being delivered by Rockstar, but rather by Akamai, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provider, and now there is no way to check on the status of Red Dead Online via the company. These posts allow you to fast travel to a location listed, and each has a price next to it.

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Rumors about Red Dead Online have leaked ahead of the start of beta testing today. Call of Duty: Black Ops has one (it's very good!) and Battlefield V will launch its own BR mode in March next year.

The first window of opportunity to test the Red Dead Online beta will be tomorrow (for those that purchased the Ultimate Edition). He is on the trail of Alfredo Montez, and he wants to finish things.

Don't worry if you grow to hate your new Wild West avatar, though. You'll see an "Online" option on the top-right of the title menu screen; click that to access the beta.

Red Dead Online Beta: Launch Dates and New Details Announced
Red Dead Online Beta Release Date & Time Announced, Access Being Granted in Waves

Well, players have been struggling to connect to servers since its launch earlier today.

It's also likely that the game will receive ongoing support through the addition of new mounts, weapons and clothes, although depending on the structure of activities, it could also mean new missions - although that much in details hasn't been confirmed just yet. So, even if you're not one of the first to be able to play Red Dead Online, you'll at least be able to join the beta in time for the weekend.

And Rockstar Games has hopefully got a plan to upscale their servers based on the surge that is coming.

It will feature character customization unlike the original Red Dead Redemption, where you could only choose pre-made characters from certain factions like the Rebeldes and Walton's Gang.

November 29: Red Dead Online expands to those who played prior to October 29. The beta is being rolled in phases, with Ultimate Edition buyers and active players getting earlier access than others.

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