Ariana Grande Is Amazing in 'Breathin' Video


Ariana Grande presents a celestial image of herself, with her head amongst the clouds, like she was referring to her single from 'God Is A Woman'.

Ari has a pretty dark sense of humour but we think she's still shading Pete.

According to the Grande's Twitter and Instagram stories, her very best friends surprised her with a five-piece mariachi band playing the already iconic break-up anthem.

The babe then shared a bunch of snaps of her friend, Doug, living life in front of the mariachi band (who by the way performed a rendition of again, the greatest damn song in the world rn). It, therefore, has released a new single, titled " Thank U Next ". In an Instagram post, Monét wrote that performing with Grande on Ellenwas "the most fun we've EVER had".

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And hopefully, her head wasn't feeling too sore this morn. And it really is a phrase Grande's been using for years, as fans discovered, although she might not have been using it to refer to her past relationships before.

Ariana Grande's new hit 'thank u, next' refers to some of her ex-boyfriends, but Nathan Sykes was not mentioned in the song.

When the reporter commented that Nathan isn't referenced, the singer joked: "Well, that's good!"

"Thank U, Next" is taken from the upcoming album of the same name, the tracklist of which is teased in Ariana's latest music video for the "Sweetener" cut "Breathin". It's a fleeting glimpse, but in a split second you can see two new dainty tats sitting right behind her ear.