Waitress gets $10,000 tip from YouTube star who ordered water


A YouTube star called Mr Beast left restaurant staff delighted after handing over a $10,000 tip for two waters.

Needless to say, the waitress was shocked.

A customer ordered two waters at a North Carolina restaurant and apparently left happy with the service.

Restaurant owner Bret Oliverio told local TV station WNCT that the waitress kept most of the money and that the rest would be split among all of the staff.

"I've seen some really big tips, but not $10,000, this was put of the blue, once in a lifetime, it'll never happen again", he said.

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The server, Alaina Custer, then found $10,000 in cash and a note saying, "Thanks for the delicious water", Oliverio said. With nearly 9 million subscribers, the social media personality (whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson) is known for his videos, many featuring him carrying out random acts of generosity. She later learned that her generous customer was no other than Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast on YouTube, who is famous for his creative way of donating.

"I literally didn't think it was real", the server told the paper. "They filmed the server's reaction as she picked up the money".

"I was so blessed to have that money", she stated in the report.

Custer said most of the people who work at Sup Dogs are "broke college kids" so she made a decision to share the tip with her coworkers.