Student shoots fellow student at North Carolina high school


North Carolina police said they responded to a shooting at a local high school Monday morning, where at least one student was brought to the hospital in critical condition.

It's unclear what led to the shooting.

The shooting occurred at Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina, and is said to be an isolated incident.

A student was shot at Butler High School Monday morning.

Police said students who are not being picked up by parents will remain in school for classes. He arrived at the scene seconds later and started rendering aid to the wounded student.

The suspect and victim were both 16, but the suspect was in 9th grade, while the victim was in 10th grade.

According to the report, one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. The suspected shooter was not identified.

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Counseling is available to any student or staff who wishes to speak to someone.

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"From what I've seen and the information I've received, our school resource officer was very nearby when it took place, and the situation became under control very quickly", he added.

Police have not confirmed what kind of gun was used.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement Monday afternoon that something must be done. He said the school system was reviewing its security procedures.

CMS does not have metal detectors in school, nor does it perform searches on students. The school district said there is no further danger. The school was placed on lockdown, which has since been lifted. I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family and friends of this young man, and to everyone affected at Butler High School.

Families were told they could pick up their children but that students were free to stay on campus as classes would proceed for those remaining. Surveillance video showed there was a fight between two students and that it was "isolated to the hall".