Hundreds of thousands of protesters march through London demanding a people's vote


Wootton argued that nobody could have predicted what Brexit was going to look like before it happened, and said that the People's Vote campaigners needed to be more "positive" about the UK.

Chapman said she is "very much in favour of the principle of a People's Vote".

Councillor Clare Coghill, the council leader, told the meeting: "Whatever bonkers Brexit Boris Johnson comes up with next, it will be extremely damaging".

However, sociological studies, which have no legal force, is one thing, while Brexit, which is a legal result of the people's will, even without a clearly defined advantage, is another thing.

The British public voted to leave the European Union by a slim margin in a referendum in June 2016.

Speaking on TalkRADIO he said: "You say there may be hundreds of thousands, there were 17.4million who voted to leave".

Mayor Sadiq Khan said: "What's really important is that those that say that a public vote is undemocratic, is unpatriotic, realise that in fact, the exact opposite is the truth".

Emma Stevens and Emily Longman are two of the students leading the march behind a People's Vote banner.

Those in favor of pulling Britain out of the European Union won by 52 percent in the 2016 European Union membership referendum. The people should be asked again.

Adonis replied: "It's not simple at all, you just said not paying huge sums of money".

"They only accept democracy when it votes their way".

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"Scotland voted to Remain and so did Northern Ireland".

"It is a losers' vote by those who don't understand why 17.4 million people up and down the country voted to leave".

Cllr Miller's speech received a standing ovation from the Labour benches, but was followed by a heated debate with Tory councillors.

As it was reported earlier, President of the European Council Donald Tusk claimed based on the results of an informal summit of the leaders of the EU countries that the plan suggested by the United Kingdom won't work out. Both votes were backed by the Labour leadership.

"Like Maggie, I can't stay neutral on that question", he said.

Some social media called out several over-the-top signs, including one that said "Hitler would be proud of this Brexit".

"A second referendum would be utterly illegitimate", says Daniel Hannan, Conservative Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and a senior Vote Leave campaign committee member.

Mrs Smith was one of many celebrities to throw their weight behind the Brexit protest, attended by more than 650,000 people, according to organisers.

While a clutch from certain leave-voting constituencies might do this, it is unlikely to be enough.

"I would like to see an option to remain".

"Having met regularly with constituents and businesses over this, I know that many are keen to know that we are working to give them certainty through this exit process, and that requires the Government's focus also on delivery of a good future trading relationship. It is as if we are driving towards a cliff, but won't face up to the reality that the road we have chosen will take us over the edge".