Columbus Day: Are the markets open?


A similar effort twice failed in Cincinnati before a vote Wednesday finally recognized Columbus Day as the renamed Indigenous Peoples Day.

Franklin Park off East Broad Street was transformed into a horticultural exposition that rivaled both Disney's EPCOT and World's Fair.

The decision to stop observing the holiday was not triggered by the national movement to abolish Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples' Day as a way of recognizing victims of colonialism, Davis said.

While children are taught catchy rhymes about Christopher Columbus' voyages, historians say his arrival in the Americas sparked the genocide of native people by Europeans.

This year, at least a dozen US cities- including Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati- will instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day today.

If the Left is looking for something else to clutch their pearls over following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, President Trump offered it up handily Monday morning by gleefully celebrating Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day. Columbus Day is a federal holiday, but, unlike most federal holidays the US financial and stock markets are open for business.

Columbus announced last week that it won't be closing for business, saying it prefers to emphasize Veterans Day instead.

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County and federal offices are closed, but the Butler City Building is open today. Post offices are closed, and there will be no mail delivered on Monday, October 8. That goes even for retailers such as Costco, which closes down for several major holidays each year but is open on Columbus Day.

In addition, Columbus Metropolitan Library branches will be open Monday and Central Ohio Transit Authority offices will be open and buses will run on a regular schedule.

'We have a number of veterans who work for the city, and there are so many here in Columbus, ' Davis said.

In fact, Columbus, Ohio, has no real connection to the man himself.

This includes a peaceful protest of prayers, speeches and traditional singing in 2016 at Columbus City Hall - underneath the statue of the explorer that sits out front - to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and to urge OH to support more renewable energy.

"If you're mayor of a city and its name is Columbus, why wouldn't you capitalize on that?" Columbus Day also falls on Canadian Thanksgiving. "This is another feather in the city of Columbus" cap'. Joseph Contino, board member of the Columbus Italian Festival, told the Associated Press. In September of this year, the House also adopted a resolution that recognizes October as Indigenous Peoples' Month, and the week after the second Monday as Indigenous Peoples' Week.

Columbus Day is a postal holiday.