Skype Can Finally Record Your Calls


That, however, was met with backlash from users who loved the original Skype app too much.

Microsoft is redesigning Skype's interface for both mobile and desktop, eliminating the less used features on the app and simplyfying its core functions like voice calling, video chatting and messaging.

Microsoft-owned telecommunications application software product, Skype, has listened to complaints that features added in the past year have overcomplicated the product, and has made a decision to strip back and simplify. Microsoft has confirmed this news in a blog post stating the company has overcomplicated some design changes in the past, but it's now looking to simplify the design though.

Skype has dropped a feature similar to Snapchat and Instagram's "Story" highlight reels, in a back-to-basics redesign/update prioritizing "simplicity".

Users will have until the end of this month to download their Highlights before they disappear forever.

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By removing Highlights and Capture, mobile UI if free to centralise its navigation to three buttons at the bottom, dubbed "Chats, Calls, and Contacts", while notifications sits in the top left.

After the call is over, the full recording is posted to your chat, where it will remain accessible for 30 days. Not only is this meant to provide a central place for navigation for Skype users, but it should also strip it back to a cleaner interface. It has also redesigned its light and dark themes with more toned down gradients and less decorative elements for a 'more elegant interface.

"We looked at how people use Skype apps, performing extensive testing across global markets and building prototypes to test new concepts", says Skillman.

Microsoft seem to have actually listened to some of the feedback they have been receiving from users of the new Skype.

Microsoft signed a deal to buy Skype for $8.5 billion in May 2011.