Six people killed in Bakersfield shooting spree


The spree began at 5.17pm at the trucking company (1) where the gunman opened fire, killing his ex-wife. The identities of the attacker and the victims have not been made public yet.

Casarez likely took his ex-wife to the trucking company against her will and then fatally shot 50-year-old Manuel Contreras with a.50-caliber handgun, authorities said.

The gunman then drove to a nearby home, where he shot and killed a male and a female, the sheriff said.

Javier Casarez then carjacked a vehicle and drove to a friend's business where a deputy confronted him.

"When the deputies responded, they located three victims of the shooting and the suspect had fled", said Lt King, adding that the man is believed to have shot two more victims at another location. Cazarez shot the victim before shooting his wife.

'He was shooting rounds at the man and chasing him in a circle, ' witness Manny Meza told via the latimes. 'It's not something I thought I'd ever see.

"This is the new normal", the sheriff said of the mass shooting.

Authorities later said that Casarez and his wife were recently divorced.

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Youngblood clarified that all those shot by the gunman were adults, but he didn't provide many more details. Obviously, there was a kind of situation that caused the husband to be extremely upset.

The gunman then went to a home where he shot two people, the sheriff continued. He said he emerged from his business in time to see the suspect running away.

Investigators said they will also look at body camera footage from the deputy who confronted the shooter.

Cazares got into his auto and chased Contreras, killing him a short distance away at Bear Mountain Sports, Youngblood said.

A deputy pulled him over on a highway and confronted the suspect with his gun drawn, Youngblood said.

Reuters reported the police recovered a pistol at the scene.

The investigation could take days, he said, because there are at least 30 witnesses who need to be interviewed.