Nick Saban snaps at reporter over QB question: 'Quit asking'


Alabama continues to dominate in the second half, finishing to a 51-14 victory over the Louisville Cardinals.

"I still like both guys", he told Taylor tersely on the ABC broadcast.

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"I still like both guys". "I think both guys can help our team, all right?" he said. "I'm not going to, so quit askin". Ultimately, Saban's promised two-quarterback rotation became three as redshirt freshman Mac Jones also came in for much of the fourth quarter. The timeshare seemingly offered clarity to what's been a polarizing QB debate since last season's College Football Playoff National Championship Game, but that didn't stop ESPN's Maria Taylor from bringing up the topic during a postgame interview with Saban. But jumping down Taylor's throat for asking a question is unnecessary and overboard. When a season opens and Saban has to determine which quarterback he will go with, in the past he's given playing time to multiple players in the first game.

Demoting a player who was 27-2 as the Crimson Tide's starting quarterback is obviously a tense situation, and one that has led to plenty of transfer rumors around Hurts. You can think Tagovailoa is better, but still try to respect for Hurts because of his past success. Tagovailoa would return to the game and rush for a 9-yard score later in the quarter.