Is ex-French President lying or PM Modi: Owaisi on Rafale deal


"We are absolutely convinced that the prime minister is corrupt..."

The Union Minister said that despite Gandhi's repeated demands, it is not in India's interest to reveal the price of the deal.

"We did not have a say in that", Hollande told investigative website Mediapart.

The Congress, from its official Twitter handle, said the former French president had exposed "the web of lies" spun by the Modi government.

The French media report quoted Hollande as saying "we did not have a say in this.the Indian government proposed this service group and Dassault negotiated with (Anil) Ambani group".

Gandhi also said that PM Modi dishonoured blood of our martyred soldiers.

The significance of the current campaign against Modi and his involvement in the Rafale controversy that is being spearheaded by Rahul Gandhi may not be lost among many keen observers of the fast-paced developments in the Indian political theatre.

"Cat's out of the Bag!"

The question of rafale deal was also raised by Rahul Gandhi during the no condifence motion against the BJP, which was passed by many parties, including TDP's Chandrababu Naidu over Andhra Pradesh special status.

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"The RM (Rafale Minister) tasked with defending corruption has been caught lying again". Escalation of a mere 1100 crore. "I am sure the Euro equivalent would not be a problem to calculate", Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari tweeted. Reliance Defence & Aerospace president Rajesh Dhingra told The Economic Times on August 8 the allegations were "unfounded" and that Congress comments on Rafale were "a deliberate attempt to mislead".

It also said that it has been reported that a joint venture between Reliance Defence and Dassualt Aviation came into being in February, 2017.

Prasad's comments came after Rahul Gandhi earlier on Saturday accused PM Modi of being a theif.

Poll Risk With Modi soon to face elections, the opposition's allegations about the Rafale deal could dent his popularity.

Gandhi said he was trying to help the prime minister and asking him to give a statement.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced calls for his resignation over allegations of corruption in a military jet deal with France after former French president Francois Hollande was quoted as saying New Delhi had influenced the choice of a local partner. Former French President's statement directly contradicts what Modi government had been saying so far. "We were given no choice, we took the partner which was appointed".

Hollande had said that Dassault Aviation was given no choice but to partner with Anil Ambani-led Reliance Defence for the offset clause in the Rafale fighter jet deal.

"The Indian government proposed this partner and Dassault negotiated with Ambani", Hollande said, according to the report posted on September 21 that referred to the Ambani family, who are dominant in the Indian business world.