Hospitals bombed as Idlib families flee regime offensive


Syrian and Russian forces carried out the most intense bombing in weeks on Idlib province on Saturday, raising fears of an imminent assault on the densely populated rebel-held area.

They said Syrian army helicopters dropped barrel bombs - typically filled with high explosives and shrapnel - on al-Habeet and Abdin villages in southern Idlib and a string of other hamlets and villages in the area.

Then in April 2018 the US, France and Britain launched a joint attack on Syrian facilities after a chemical strike on the city of Douman was reported to have killed at least 70 people.

A three-way summit in Tehran on Friday, including Russia, Syria and Turkey, failed to agree on a ceasefire, and the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan - with USA backing - is now putting maximum diplomatic pressure on Russia not to mount into all-out military assault that would create chaos and reduce the chances of a political settlement.

While appealing to the warring sides in Syria to avoid a catastrophe, Lowcock said the United Nations and other aid organisations were all doing "very detailed planning" to be able to respond quickly in the case of a major assault on the province.

"Any attack on Idlib would result in a catastrophe". USA officials said precision strikes hit a scientific research center near Damascus, a storage facility and command post also near the capital and a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs. Turkey has troops and 12 observations points that circle Idlib.

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Turkey and other worldwide actors have repeatedly warned the Assad regime and its backers, Russian Federation and Iran, to avoid any offensive on Idlib due to the possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe that would cause massive casualties and a new migration wave.

More than half of Idlib is held by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an alliance led by Syria's former Al-Qaeda affiliate, while most of the rest is held by rival rebels.

Speaking at the Security Council, Mrs Haly said the United States considered an assault on Idlib to be "a unsafe escalation of the conflict in Syria". Stop Assad's assault on Idlib.

The problem is if they try to flee to Turkey they will find a closed border and risk being shot if they try to cross illegally. The Observatory said the clashes left 10 government security personnel and seven Kurdish fighters dead.

A journalist and resident of the area, Arin Sheikmos, said the government security troops went on an arrest campaign in Kurdish-controlled areas, detaining people it accuses of skipping compulsory military service. But in recent days, the Damascus government announced it is holding local administration elections, including in Kurdish-ruled areas, undermining the negotiations and talk of Kurdish self-rule. About 2,000 USA troops are now operating in Syria, majority in the eastern region of the country. They seized the territories, with the backing of the U.S-led coalition, after chasing out Islamic State militants.