Bernie hits Amazon with 'Stop BEZOS Act'


That amounts to the kind of corporate welfare the Vermont senator says costs US taxpayers billions of dollars a year. Dorsey also went before the House Energy and Commerce committee as well.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Amazon recently exchanged press releases regarding the working conditions of the company.

Bernstein said employers could decide not to hire workers believed to be on federal assistance, making it harder for low-income Americans to find a job. "Bezos continues to pay many thousands of his Amazon employees wages that are so low that they are forced to depend upon public assistance".

Taking aim at Walmart, McDonald's, Amazon, and other ultra-profitable corporations that pay workers so little that they're forced to rely on food stamps and other federal programs to survive, Sen.

Senator Bernie Sanders has taken his public spat with Inc.

"In other words, the taxpayers of this country would no longer be subsidizing the wealthiest people in this country who are paying their workers inadequate wages", Sanders said at a news conference announcing the bill.

For the goal of the bill, large employers are defined as those with more than 500 workers - including independent contractors and franchise workers.

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"This bill would establish a corporate welfare tax on large employers equal to the amount of federal benefits received by their low-wage workers", a summary of Sanders and Khanna's bill notes.

"Throughout the year on average, almost 90 percent of associates across the company's USA fulfillment network are regular employees who receive full benefits", Lynch writes in an email.

Amazon posted on Wednesday the positive responses that several employees sent to Sanders and shared with the company. The company added that Sanders' references to SNAP are misleading because they include part-time employees and those who only worked for the company for a short period of time - saying that these groups would "almost certainly qualify for SNAP".

But some economists said they anxious such measures may backfire by creating incentives for companies to avoid hiring workers who may be likely to collect federal benefits.

"There was a point where I would find myself crying on my shift", Seth King, who served eight years in the Navy, says in a July video about his experiences in a fulfillment center.

The proposed legislation was introduced shortly after Amazon became the second company in the reach a $1 trillion market cap. The company has said that it offers assistance like disability insurance, health insurance, and retirement savings plan to its employees.