With Iran, Turkey we defeated terrorists in Syria: Lavrov


Lavrov was speaking at a news conference in Ankara on Tuesday with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu.

On top of that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov echoed statements from President Vladimir Putin that the United States is "abusing" its role as a global reserve currency.

"It is necessary to get back to dialogue to resolve the problems".

Cavusoglu also recalled that the USA has not taken any concrete step on Turkey's extradition request for Fethullah Gülen.

Turkey's Erdogan calls on Turks to buy lira for 'national battle'
Erdogan appealed to a crowd in the city of Bayburt to exchange dollars and gold for Turkish lira to prop up the plunging currency. President Erdogan has railed against what he calls the economic siege of Turkey and against a supposed American conspiracy.

But Lavrov, speaking on a visit to the Turkish capital on Tuesday, did not make any commitments for Russian Federation to drop the dollar in trade with Turkey, whose lira currency plummeted to a record low against the dollar this week.

The Russian minister explained that his country and Turkey are discussing the full implementation of the de-escalation agreements in Syria, including in Idlib.

Lavrov said there have been intensified attacks in Idlib by an Al-Qaeda affiliate. "But, objectively, of course, we feel the desire of the West, primarily the United States, but not only it, not to let the Astana process achieve substantive results and portray it as not entirely successful", Lavrov said.

"We are all for it", he added. We can not guarantee that it is suitable for the visually or hearing impaired. "We must conduct the fight against terrorists together", Cavusoglu said at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.