Why Doing the 'Shiggy Challenge' in Egypt Can Land You in Jail


His Instagram post says, "Sooo I was originally suppose to jump on the hood of the auto, but I slipped".

Abu Dhabi recently issued warrants for the arrest of three social media influencers who participated in the challenge and Spain released a video showing how risky some of the videos are. The Canadian rapper's song with the song line, "Kiki do you love me", has led police across the world to issue warnings against the risky dance attempts.

Warning: This video may be disturbing for some.

It was started by Instagram comedian Shiggy who shared a video on his show "The Shiggy Show", dancing by a auto on the road to Drake's hit song.

It was only a matter of time before the internets latest viral dance challenge ended with someone getting run over.

Now Karishma Sharma and the Nora Fatehi (the girl who danced to Baahubali 1 item song) have tried it. Typically accompanied with the rapper Drake's 2018 song "In My Feelings", participants of the challenge would typically exit moving vehicles and perform the dance in oncoming traffic.

You can't scroll through any social media platform without seeing a video of someone dancing outside of a auto to the song "In My Feelings", by Drake. Videos uploaded to the platform include grandmas, brides and even men in Borat-style "mankinis" dancing alongside their moving vehicles - much to the surprise of clueless onlookers.

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22-year-old Jaylen Norwood from Florida was planning to jump on a vehicle hood and keep dancing, but he slipped on an oil slick right before the auto hit him, according to Fox 8.

In the video, Norwood seemingly walks away with only a few scratches to tell the story. One American teen fractured her skull after attempting the challenge at a roundabout.

Since Shiggy posted his challenge, a slew of others around the world have followed suit.

According to Akhbaar24, the woman will be charged for breaking traffic rules, wearing explicit clothes and dancing in public.

Instagram user theshiggyshow started the popular dance challenge after posting his choreographed dance moves to the song online, according to Fox 8.

The video went viral instantly on social media.