The Google Play Store Now Directly Tells You Fortnite Isn't Available


It should be noted, perhaps, that Google's message makes no mention of how players can find the game, or even that it is available elsewhere. That's it. You can also download the game straight from Epic's website. Now, when users of the Google Play Store search for Fortnite, they see a message which reads; "Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play". Those include the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Tab S3, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4.

Epic Games launched the game on Apple's store in mid-March, and has since then earned more than Dollars 180 million on iOS devices.

Over the past couple of days, Epic Games has begun sending out beta invite codes, thus allowing Android users to finally get a taste of the game.

In a nutshell, the issue is that Epic Games distributes Fortnite for Android outside the Play Store, which is a bit unusual; virtually all popular Android apps are on the Play Store, and this does keep users (somewhat) more safe. But by distributing the game itself, Epic has ensured that every penny made on Android ends up in its own bank account.

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When you get the email from Epic, depending on your security settings, you'll likely be asked to grant Android permissions to install apps from "Unknown" sources.

After that, you'll need to wait again. Once that's on your device, you'll be able to download the Fortnite app to your phone or tablet. The app still won't be available in the Google Play store when it does release. Once the installation completes, users will be able to sign in and start playing.

As a mobile game, Fortnite demands a lot of resources and in turn requires a fairly recent phone with a lot of power under the hood. Once the game is open to all, users can head to the official game's website and click download and choose Android instead of PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and iOS.