Stormy Daniels drops out of 'Celebrity Big Brother'


It's been reported Daniels was set to be paid $1.3 million (£750,000) for a week's work but a few hours beforehand, after flying into London from Texas, she demanded another $175,000 (£100,000). "They said we don't want you to do any of it".

She was then scheduled to appear on ITV's Loose Women on Friday, but pulled out at the last minute, instead speaking to panellist Jane Moore off screen, who relayed the details of their chat to the audience.

Stormy is alleged to have had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006.

The 39-year-old, who claims she had an affair with Trump more than a decade ago and is suing the president, did not appear as planned on the reality show's season opener.

British TV audiences expected to see Stormy Daniels make a major splash as a housemate during Thursday's premiere of the United Kingdom version of Celebrity Big Brother. "That massive mock-up of the White House was all for Stormy", the shocked TV insider reveals, adding that executives at United Kingdom network Channel 5 are "baffled" by her behaviour.

Viewers of the United Kingdom reality show were left disappointed and baffled when the adult film star, who found global fame after claiming she had a fling with U.S. President Donald Trump in 2006, was not among the 13 celebrities who entered the house on Thursday night.

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Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, denies the allegation and tells TMZ the reason was "because producers wanted Stormy to stick to a script".

She told viewers that a custody battle in the U.S. was behind her decision not to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. Maybe they were afraid of what she might say.?

"She thought "I can't commit", she said being a mother comes first".

However, since then Daniel lawyer issued a statement with a different response and claim the Big Brother producers were responsible for the whole debacle, not his client, calling the squabble for more money "complete bulls**t".

"It has now become a legal situation and she says she has been told she can't come and talk. Our focus is now on making a brilliant series with our fantastic celebrities", they tweeted. She added that Daniels was "very angry" and "she felt like she'd had her power taken away from her".

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.