Russia Vows to Respond to 'Groundless' U.S. Sanctions


In the latest cyberoffensive, the Russian attackers created scores of websites that mimicked groups critical of President Putin in an apparent attempt to steal...

The latest drop in the value of the Russian currency came amid talk that the US was readying further sanctions.

The U.S. sanctioned owners of six Russian ships over claims they are helping transfer refined petroleum products to North Korean vessels, as tensions with both Moscow and Pyongyang intensify. "They now contain about 450 Russian economic entities".

It's hard to see how this balance could be achieved as the list of anti-Russia sanction bill grows.

In April and May, Russia reduced its holdings of USA bills, notes and bonds by about four-fifths, and bought more gold, leading to speculation that the nation was dumping American assets to shield itself from the growing risk of harsher sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during his joint news conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto following their talks in the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018.

U-turns leave Malcolm Turnbull on the ropes and facing coup
This morning Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said he was certain Mr Turnbull had the confidence of the party. The deputy positions were unchallenged, with Liberal Party deputy leader Julie Bishop retaining her position.

The United States on Tuesday sanctioned two Russian shipping companies and six Russian vessels for allegedly helping North Korea's illicit activities in violation of global sanctions. "We will not hesitate to do so if its conduct does not demonstrably and significantly change".

Mr. Hunt's expected remarks come at a time when the Trump administration is challenging traditional partnerships over trade and other disputes, rattling allies that have long counted on the cooperate on economic and security matters.

"President Trump is the most active president on social media that there's ever been", the British foreign secretary said.

He went on to say that USA officials apparently follow the principle of "worse is better" as Washington's policy effectively impedes any efforts aimed at improving or even just normalizing bilateral relations between the two nations.

"Overall foreign direct investment in Russian Federation fell in 2013 by more than 5%, and a tangible reduction fell on the share of direct investment from the United States, they decreased in 2013 by 80%", - said the Deputy Minister.

"We of course welcome statements that affirm a readiness to cooperate, but we would welcome even more some kind of concrete actions", Peskov said. Russian Federation has also continued reducing its holdings of USA treasuries.