RAW: Popular YouTuber causes crash, killing himself and two others


The sports vehicle belonged to YouTube star McSkillet and it plowed, head-on, into an SUV, instantly killing a 43-year old mother and her 12-year old daughter. The collision killed McSkillet, the woman, and her 12-year-old daughter, and the accident caused five other cars to crash in the fiery scene.

Heitmann was then identified as the sports car's driver, first unofficially by his friends and YouTube followers, then on a more official basis on Friday, as the California Highway Patrol announced in a Friday press conference.

California Highway Patrol told the Los Angeles Times that the accident involved nearly a dozen vehicles and shut down traffic on the northbound lane of I-805.

A teenage YouTube star has been killed in a auto crash after driving 160 km/h the wrong way on a California highway, according to local reports.

The Union-Tribune identified the victims in the SUV as mother and daughter.

His 2015 British McLaren 650S, which costs around $250,000, "could have been going over 100 mph" when it "disintegrated" on impact with the SUV, says a CHP officer.

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Known online as "McSkillet", Heitmann had gotten rich on video gaming but lost access to some income when a publisher banned him from the practice of "skin gambling", the Wrap explains.

An 18-year-old gamer who had hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers was killed Thursday after he was involved in a head-on collision at more than 100 miles per hour that also killed two others.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a person who called 911 to report the crash said, "The whole northbound side [of the freeway] is on fire". Until that point, he had regularly posted several videos per month.

He had nearly 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.

A few minutes before the crash, local San Diego news outlets reported a black McLaren slamming through the gate of a primary school and almost hitting some witnesses, although nobody was injured.

Heitmann showed the vehicle to his audience in a December 2017 YouTube video embedded below.