In Portugal recorded a new temperature record


Eight places in the centre, south and east of Portugal have broken their local temperature records as Europe swelters. With this heat comes uncomfortable, muggy nights for southern Britain, but a tweet from the U.K.'s national weather service on Thursday night reminded Brits that temperatures are much higher in parts of Spain and Portugal.

In parts of Portugal temperatures climbed to almost 47 degrees Celsius on Thursday and Saturday, just off the country's record of 47.3C and Europe's high of 48C set in Athens in 1977.

In Spain, heat warnings were issued for 41 of the country's 50 provinces. The previous record highs in both Spain and Portugal were just over 47C.

Portugal sees large wildfires every year, although unseasonably cool weather through the end of July has meant fewer blazes in 2017.

"It's a awful setting and considering the weather conditions it will not get better today", said civil protection commander Col. Manuel Cordeiro.

"With temperatures rising, we're advising people to look out for friends, family and neighbors who may feel the heat more than others", Emer O'Connell, a government consultant in public health, told ABC News in an email.

Francisca Serrano, a souvenir seller, added "we are used to high temperatures, but it seems the air doesn't flow and that makes it hard to breathe".

Three men died this week in Spain as a result of soaring temperatures.

Guardiola keen to learn from Sarri
But, as Sarri prepares for the Community Shield against Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday, Sarri said he does not feel his new club are short-handed.

Spanish emergency services said on Twitter that the fire had been contained but was not yet under control as of Sunday morning.

In the longer term, the Met Office's analysis has suggested hot, dry conditions could return and continue into the autumn.

Almost 700 firefighters and 10 water-dumping aircraft are fighting the biggest outbreak, which has burned 1,000 hectares near the town of Monchique in the southern Algarve region.

"It's a very serious situation of extreme heat", Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said.

The World Meteorological Organisation said continental Europe's record is 48C in Greece in 1977. The dust gave the sky a dark yellow hue in some places. More than 60 percent of the country registered temperatures of over 104.

The small Budakeszi game reserve outside the Hungarian capital Budapest said it was helping its animals cope with the heat with iced fruit and a diet with less meat and more nutrients.

Rivers that are unusually warm can experience mass fish die-offs, which has happened in Germany in the past week.

Nuclear power plants use water from the rivers to cool down the temperatures of their reactors before sending the water back into the rivers.