Husband arrested in missing family case in Colorado


There were no interviews the next day.

Hours later, police searched the Watts home and removed several bags of evidence.

The Frederick Police Department arrested Chris Watts, 33, Wednesday evening in connection with the missing persons case involving his wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

Their life, however, wasn't apparently flawless.

The couple filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015. "Nothing was here. I mean, she wasn't here, the kids weren't here, nobody was here".

A spokeswoman for the oil company said Christopher Watts was sacked Wednesday, but she declined to provide any details, citing the active investigation.

In response to comments on the post, Shanann said that it was a "3 foot doll" that had been wrapped in "their twister tarp thing". "He's the best dad us girls could ask for".

A man identifying himself as the brother of Shanann Watts posted a message on Facebook late Wednesday night accusing Chris Watts, 33, of killing her and their two daughters. "I don't know where to go from here".

The CBI and FBI assisted local authorities in the investigation. He also claimed he had tried to contact his wife the day she was reported missing.

"I was blowing through stoplights".

"I totally just cried!" "If somebody has her, please bring her. ..." "It was tearing me apart last night", he said.

"Just vanished", Watts said.

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"It's not something I could ever, ever fathom would happen in my lifetime, and I have no inclination of where she is", he told ABC 7. The kids weren't here. Police indicated that Watts would lead them to the bodies. All he could do was sit in his house or stand in his yard, listening to police dogs bark while he described his emotions. "That's what I want", he wailed. But if they're not, this has got to stop. I miss them, you know, cuddled up on their couches.

"It was tearing me apart last night".

He said he hasn't spoken to her parents since the tragedy, but a neighbor told him they flew to Colorado.

"It wasn't an argument", Watts said quickly.

"We just had a feeling about him", she said.

And then he talked some more about how much he missed them.

The body of Shanann Watts was found Thursday on property owned by Anadarko Petroleum, one of the state's largest oil and gas drillers, where her husband, Christopher Watts, used to work, police said. Her auto was still in the garage, per NBC News.

Hours earlier, Watts appeared on NBC's Today show where he said he had "no idea" where they went.

"Our role now is to do everything we can to determine exactly what occurred and assist in filing the thorough case", added Colorado Bureau of Investigation director John Camper.

Authorities recovered the pregnant 34-year-old's body earlier Thursday. Officials believe they know where the bodies are.

Their father is accused of killing the girls and their mother, Shanann Watts, and is thought to have committed the murder at the family's residence, prosecutors said Thursday. They had just returned from a work trip. Her husband Chris watts admitted to murdering my family.