Google Releases Android 9 'Pie'


Personalised settings include the new Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness modes.

Google has added several new AI features to Android Pie, too.

Switching back and forth between apps is something most of us do on our phones each day.

Options displayed for selected text depend on the context and meaning of the words - for example, if you highlight the name of a restaurant, you'll be offered to search for Yelp reviews of the place. Out of nowhere, Google just announced that the latest version of Android, Android P, is officially called Android 9 Pie.

By simply swiping up once, you'll be given an at-a-glance view of all the apps open on your device, with the ability to swipe between them at will.

Android 9.0 Pie is introducing new gestures to simplify navigation.

"From predicting your next task, to prioritising battery power for the apps you use most, Android 9 adapts to your life and the ways you like to use your phone", said Google.

Google Releases Android 9 'Pie'
Google Releases Android 9 'Pie'

Beyond the bigger, more noticeable improvements with Android 9.0 Pie are hundreds of smaller ones, including security and privacy improvements such as DNS over TLS, encrypted backups, Protected Confirmations and more. For example, App Actions will suggest a playlist when you connect Bluetooth headphones.

This fall, Google will also roll out a feature called Slices, which will show relevant info from your apps when you want it. Keeping up with the tradition of naming Android versions after candies, Google today revealed the official name for the upcoming Android P update.

Yet if you are anxious to try Digital Wellbeing before it gets released to the general public, there's a way to do that now.

Within 24 hours of joining the beta, you'll see digital wellness appear in your Android settings menu.

Google is launching Digital Wellbeing slowly, with an official release due "this fall" but they've launched a Beta program that they're inviting users with Android Pie installed on their device to opt in to.

On a related note, we've received at least one report that Overview text selection isn't working on a Pixel 2 XL running Pie, but this behavior seems to be isolated; several AP staff members' updated Pixel 2 XLs are working the way they ought to. More details at the link below!

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