White House under fire for barring CNN reporter from event


Speaking to reporters at a summit of BRICS countries in South Africa, Putin said telephone calls between Moscow and Washington were insufficient and that both sides needed to meet to talk about issues like the Iran nuclear deal and global conflicts.

Maddow defended herself Wednesday in a series of tweets, saying the Post report offered "one possible explanation" for why the White House transcript and video did not include Putin saying he wanted Trump to win in response to Mason's first question.

He added that he would consider a visit to Washington but noted there must be "necessary conditions", without further explanation.

It is not known when, or if, future Trump-Putin meetings might take place, though the White House said Trump is looking at sessions at the White House and the Kremlin.

After the Helsinki summit, Trump was criticized at home for failing to publicly confront Putin over Moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and for seeming to contradict his own intelligence agencies on the threat from Russian Federation.

A day after another chaotic day at the White House, President Donald Trump won't be holding one of his signature mini-press conferences as he leaves the mansion Thursday morning.

President Trump met with Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16. The president has been widely criticized for failing to publicly denounce Russia's interference in the 2016 US election and appearing to accept Putin's denials of such activity.

White House defends decision to bar reporter from press event
President Trump's war on the media escalated when a reporter was banned for asking "inappropriate questions". Fox News' chief political anchor Bret Baier defended Collins on-air and in a series of tweets Wednesday.

"Regarding our meetings, I understand very well what President Trump said". "By the way, he has such an invitation, I told him of this". And Pompeo told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that despite Trump's public statements that allegations of Russian interference are "a hoax" he accepts that Russia did meddle in the 2016 election.

Blackmail also might explain why Trump threatened former US intelligence officials with loss of their security clearances for being critical of his dealings with Russian Federation. "She said it didn't matter to her because she hadn't planned to be there anyway", Mrs. Sanders said.

Putin admitted that he wanted Trump to win the election when asked by a reporter, reasoning that Trump had discussed "normalizing" the United States' relationship with Russian Federation. Collins asked. "Mr. President, are you anxious about what Michael Cohen is about to say to the prosecutors?"

CNN president Jeff Zucker was previously at NBC Universal, the man who green-lighted reality show "The Apprentice" that turned Trump into a household name, ultimately paving the way for his successful run as president.

The blacklisted outlets continued to cover Trump's campaign, with reporters obtaining general-admission tickets to his rallies and traveling on commercial flights. "CNN is fake news, I don't take questions from CNN", the president snapped during a press conference in Britain earlier this month. For instance, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats reiterated the USA intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 elections and recently stated that Russian Federation is continuing efforts to interfere in America's democratic processes.

The administration said "There was no plot to exclude Fox News, and they had the same interview that their competitors did". The United States often shares intelligence with key allies - and has received key pieces of intelligence from close allies. Putin, according to the American transcript, he replied "Yes, we were".