Prince Harry & Meghan Markle send wedding thank you cards


Not today. For a Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception at Marlborough House in London, the Duchess of Sussex opted for a lovely sunshiny yellow sheath dress from American designer Brandon Maxwell.

Now that she's a royal she'll be speaking in public a little less though she does chat to people when on royal visits.

"It really was most thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated by Their Royal Highnesses who send you their very best wishes".

Meghan Markle's personal style, both before and after becoming the Duchess of Sussex, has always boasted her own personal flair - a sleek and modern aesthetic with a dash of Cali girl cool. Some listeners aren't totally convinced she has a different accent altogether, pointing out that it seems like simply a change in her inflection, as if she's adopted an English person's cadence.

The first image of Meghan in her wedding gown is one royal watchers will hold close to their hearts forever.

"Everyone commenting on Meghan Markle adopting a British accent... understandable, I watch one "Harry Potter" movie and suddenly I'm British", a social media user wrote.

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Beauty-wise The Duchess took a pared-back approach, wearing her hair in a neat bun, no signature loose tendrils framing her face to be seen and minimal make-up.

Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Others brought up Lindsay Lohan, who made headlines in 2016 for adopting a freaky European accent after spending the summer in Greece. It is a natural occurrence, so one can not fault her.

Having your accent change over time is an inevitable part of the immigrant experience and, hey, for all we know this actually might be feeling like a loss for Meghan, too.

'I did a very careful listen, paying specific attention to her vowels, a big giveaway with British accents, as well as the intonation. A smart move by the Duchess, reminding us of her American lineage, fashion prowess and giving her original home a nod on what is an important day to the country's history.

According to the linguistics expert, the brain tells us what to hear, so people hear what they expect to hear rather than what they actually do.