'possible' North Korea nuclear deal may not 'work out'


NBC News and the Washington Post reported that North Korean attempts to hide nuclear work.

The White House did not respond to NBC's request for comment on the story, but per the intelligence assessment, it seems likely that Trump would have been briefed on the nuclear production sites ahead of the Singapore summit.

National security adviser John Bolton said Sunday that North Korea has not yet provided the us with details on the scope of its nuclear arsenal amid news reports that indicate North Korea is attempting to continue its nuclear program.

Bolton told CBS News that if Pyongyang has already made the "strategic decision" to end its weapons development program and "they're cooperative, we can move very quickly".

Even if North Korea's promises were honest, it could take years of work, accompanied by an unprecedented agreement to grant access to outside inspectors, before U.S. officials could confidently say that the weapons threat has been neutralised. The Financial Times reported that Pompeo was due to visit North Korea this week but the State Department has not confirmed any travel plans.

Trump made the declaration after his June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, during which the President promised Kim to stop the "war games" by ending US military exercises with South Korea.

"Now that we have concluded the US-North Korea summit in success, I want (China) to work toward early lifting of the sanctions", Kim reportedly told Xi, according to the newspaper.

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He also urged North Korea to "continue (its) consultations with China" as it negotiates with the United States, the report said.

Trump earlier declared that "there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", but some officials fear that Kim's latest agreement may be another set of empty promises created to secure concessions from the USA while continuing to develop nuclear weapons.

"If they have the strategic decision already made to do that, and they're cooperative we can move very quickly", he said, adding, "It's to North Korea's advantage to see these programs dismantled very quickly" to speed the elimination of global sanctions and clear the way for foreign aid. Japan has also suspended public evacuation drills simulating a North Korean missile attack.

At the same time, USA envoy Sung Kim held talks with North Korean officials on Sunday in the border village of Panmunjom within the demilitarised zone between the North and South Korea, South Korean media reported on Sunday. Some aspects of the new intelligence were reported Friday by NBC News. "I really believes he means it".

Officials in Pyongyang are seeking to obfuscate the true number of their weapons facilities, and United States intelligence officials believe that more than just one hidden site exists. "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", Trump tweeted.

The US side was "working to see whether they can prepare for high-level talks between Secretary Pompeo and Kim Jong Un and others in Pyongyang that would be a specific denuclearization road map, or at least significant dismantlement steps that could fill in a road map", he said.

"If it is true that they are saying one thing and doing another, nobody should be surprised", he said on NBC's "Meet the Press".