North Korea official jokes to Pompeo: 'Pay taxes' for visit


So Trump told Pompeo to bring the CD along with him, according to the paper.

The Donald has referred to Kim as "Rocket Man" before, such as when he spoke at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama last September.

Instead, it seems as though the US needs to get assurances that Kim is still committed to the document he signed in Singapore that calls for the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" - and to determine what that phrase means to each side. While U.S. officials have said Mr. Pompeo intends to meet directly with Mr. Kim, it was not clear Friday when or whether the meeting will occur. The other was a letter from Mr. Trump.

The State Department, meanwhile, was mum Friday on the deeper details of Mr. Pompeo's visit to Pyongyang, the secretary of state's first visit with North Korean officials since the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore three weeks ago.

Mr Pompeo has been tasked with negotiating a plan that Washington hopes would involve Kim declaring the extent of his nuclear weapons program and agreeing a timetable for it to be dismantled. "Contrary to our military's suspension of joint Korea-U.S. military exercises, North Korea is conducting military exercises on a scale similar to previous years".

Pompeo said he was seeking to "fill in" some details on North Korea's commitments and maintain the momentum towards implementing the agreement from the summit, according to the pool report.

"I expect that the DPRK is ready to do the same". Trump and Kim's historic summit produced a handshake and a signed agreement between the two countries but offered little specifics for how the North would go along with the "complete denuclearization" goal the USA has set.

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Pomepo said yes and added, "I'm looking forward to our time together today".

"The more you come, the more trust we can build between one another".

The Secretary of State is expected to land in Pyongyang Friday and leave Saturday, staying overnight in the North Korean capital for the first time.

After a almost three-hour meeting with Kim Yong-chol on Friday night, the pair broke up for dinner, with the USA side saying that talks would continue on Saturday morning.

In possible pursuit of a more realistic goal, the Trump administration has started formally using the term "final, fully-verified dismantlement (FFVD)" of the North's nuclear program.

But the USA ability to verify the accuracy of any North Korean list is limited due to the lack of a "high confidence" accounting of the North's nuclear arsenal, such as the number of warheads and uranium enrichment facilities, especially if they are not operational, they said.