Jordan army begins delivering aid to Syrians stranded near border


The government forces now claim to be in control of more than half of Daraa province.

Proximity to Israel: Fighting in the region risks a further escalation of the conflict due to its proximity to Israel, which said it would not allow Syrian ground forces, backed by Iran, in or near its occupied territory in the Golan Heights.

Up to 70,000 of the displaced are reportedly gathered near the closed Nassib border crossing with Jordan, where many families are being forced to live in makeshift shelters or out in the open, with limited access to food or water. Some of the refugees were asking Israel to protect them or even annex the territory. He said he was in touch with the White House. The Idlib province lies in northwest Syria along the Turkey border.

Speaking by telephone from Jordan Jabawi said that the meetings with the Russians took place in an area near where the provinces of Daraa and Sweida meet.

Rebels remain in control of parts of the provincial capital Deraa City, where the Syrian uprising began in 2011. The fighting in the Daraa province going on even though the territory is inside the de-escalation zone agreed past year by the U.S. president, Donald Trump, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Jordanian government.

Busra Al-Sham was captured by the rebels of the Free Syrian Army's Southern Front Brigades and Jabhat Al-Nusra in March of 2015.

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Merkel, Seehofer, Nahles and senior members of their parties met in the chancellery on Tuesday evening to discuss the plan. He told Sky News: "The problem is, the agreement only exists between the CSU, Seehofer's party and Angela Merkel's CDU".

But rebel participation in negotiations across Daraa province has proved divisive for southwestern Syria's opposition factions, many of whom are split between negotiating a political settlement and continuing to fight.

Opposition spokesman Yahya Al-Aridi told Arab News: "The Israelis continue to talk against the presence of Iranian militias in Syria, but it appears some kind of coordination has developed between Israel, Russia and the United States vis-a-vis Iran".

"My Office has also received reports that in the last few days, civilians at some Government checkpoints in the southern-eastern and western parts of Daraa have only been allowed through to Government-held areas in Daraa City and As Suwayda Governorate for a fee", the High Commissioner said. The southwest rebels did not accept this, and were instead proposing the return of civilian state institutions in the opposition areas and the entry of Russian military police rather than Syrian government forces.

In total, 115 civilians have been killed in regime bombardment on the province since June 19.

Jordan's prime minister visited a key crossing with Syria on Sunday, inspecting aid deliveries by the Jordanian army to the tens of thousands of displaced Syrians gathering at the border Amman has kept sealed.

Jordanian government spokeswoman Jumana Ghunaimat said Amman is communicating with most of the parties to the Syrian crisis, mainly Russian Federation and the US, in an attempt to reach a cease-fire.