Facebook bug quietly unblocked more than 800,000 blocked users


Facebook disclosed a bug that randomly unblocked people from a user's blocked list in a blog post published last Monday. Users who severed friendships with people they blocked did not see those friendships reinstated, she added.

Facebook is now in the process of sending out notifications and messages to the people who had someone removed from their blocked list.

It is worth noting here that this is the second software glitch Facebook has revealed in less than a month.

It was active between between 29 May and 5 June and applied to both core Facebook and its Messenger app.

"We know that the ability to block someone is important - and we'd like to apologize and explain what happened", the company continued, before clarifying certain aspects of the bug.

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Facebook banned the firm, but first learned of the breach more than two years ago.

Specifically, it automatically allowed people who were blocked to become unblocked.

ANOTHER FACEBOOK FOIBLE has reared its head, this time in the form of a big that quietly unblocked blocked users so they could see the content and posts from their, er, blockers. The scale and scope of that bug was much larger than this one and affected a whopping 14 million users over several days in May. People are once again blocked, but Facebook will add an alert to the accounts of those affected, asking them to double-check their blocked lists. For example, their relationship may have changed or they may want to take a break from someone posting content they find annoying.

Facebook has been struggling with privacy issues since the Cambridge Analytica data scandal broke in March.