Extraordinary drug dog worries Colombian cartel - 7/27/2018 9:55:02 AM


A notorious drugs gang in Colombia has placed a £53,000 price on the head of a crime-busting police sniffer dog.

Sombra is credited with sniffing out drugs leading to the arrest of 245 suspects, according to the BBC.

The drug lord in question is head of Clan del Golfo (the Gulf Clan) - a drug cartel which has its own guerrilla army - and he has had enough of the animal [VIDEO]'s incredible skills.

Sombra has achieved celebrity status in Colombia, emerging as the hairy, friendly face of the nation's deadly war against drug cartels.

Sombra a drug-sniffing dog sniffs boxes searching for drugs at the cargo hold of El Dorado airport in Bogota, Colombia. And its leader, Dairo Antonio Úsago, is the most wanted man in the country.

Sombra was originally posted to various ports on Colombia's Atlantic coast, where smugglers sent speedboats loaded with drugs north to the United States or across the ocean to Europe.

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In 2012, the gang reportedly offered $500 to those who killed a police officer, and offered more if the cop worked for the country's counternarcotics force.

Sometimes people ask to pose for pictures with the furry officer when they see her on duty in the airport.

Sombra's efforts for law enforcement have twice earned her the Wilson Quintero medal, an honour awarded for critical contributions to the fight against drug trafficking. "She is playful. In fact, during training this is part of her work - not just finding the caches of illicit drugs".

Colombian police uncovered the threat against the talented canine during an intercepted phone call earlier this month.

The bounty has been issued by the Urabeños, also known as the Gulf clan, and they've been cited by the U.S. Justice Department as the "largest and most influential criminal group in Colombia".