Ryan warns Trump against pardoning himself


The only Republican briefed on the intelligence who has yet to break from Trump is Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence chairman who has demanded more documents as part of his investigation. We still have some unanswered questions ...

It wouldn't be the first time Ryan has broken with Mr. Trump since announcing he won't run for reelection. He added that the briefing also suggested that the informant had "nothing to do with Donald Trump".

On Wednesday, as Ryan discredited Trump's spy claims, he nonetheless stressed that lawmakers expected other document requests to be fulfilled, noting "we have some more digging to do".

Gowdy took further swipes at the president's claims during an interview with CBS News, saying the use of confidential informants is commonplace in the criminal justice system, and dismissing the use of the term "spy" to describe the FBI's source within the Trump campaign.

The briefing will be for the Gang of Eight - the senior Democrat and Republican in the Senate and House, as well as the senior members of each party on their respective intelligence committees.

Trump, without offering any evidence, has repeatedly alleged on Twitter that the Justice Department planted a spy inside his presidential campaign. During a press briefing last week, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to Gowdy's comments by saying "clearly, there's still cause for concern that needs to be looked at".

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"I have never to this point heard a single person talk about removing Speaker Ryan from the speakership", Gaetz said on Fox Business's "Lou Dobbs Tonight".

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif. and the House Intelligence Committee chairman, had issued a subpoena to the DOJ demanding documents regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation source, Stefan Halper.

In remarks to reporters Thursday, Ryan countered that congressional Republicans were making more progress in obtaining answers from the Department of Justice because of his personal involvement. Conservatives are demanding a vote on a much harsher bill and nothing else, and they're blaming Ryan for failing to stop the moderates.

Authors information: Karoun Demirjian is a congressional reporter covering national security, including defense, foreign policy, intelligence and matters concerning the judiciary. "As long as we have a special counsel who will not even confess as to his limits, then this is going to continue to be a problem". However, the department recently shared some classified information with congressional leaders about an informant who helped investigators in the Russian Federation probe. But they eventually relented after pressure from Trump, Nunes and Ryan.

Trump's suggestion that he could legally pardon himself followed a New York Times report on Saturday that his personal lawyers argued in a memo to Mueller that the president could not have obstructed justice because he has vast authority over all federal investigations.