NBA Mock Draft 9.0


Nobody has a solid understanding of how the top 10 will play out, with Deandre Ayton - and to a lesser extent Marvin Bagley III - being the only surefire picks.

Some of the biggest potential deals across the league actually involve teams at the top of the draft, including the Kings (No. 2), Hawks (No. 3), Grizzlies (No. 4) and the Mavericks (No. 5). Luka Doncic wasn't there, so never say never, but about 20 other NBA Draft prospects - all the Green Room invites, minus Robert Williams, who dropped out - answered questions about the process and about what would happen the following evening.

Just days away, we still don't really know much about how the 2018 NBA Draft is going to take shape. "He is a 6'8" point-forward gifted at running the pick-and-roll, is a great playmaker in transition, and he is the best passer in this draft.

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Though Doncic lacks the freakish size and bounce that Porzingis has displayed so far in his career, the basketball IQ and feel of Doncic already looks to be far superior than many current NBA veterans, something that any team could benefit from. Doncic and Harden both have the ability to decelerate and change pace at the highest levels.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Atlanta Hawks are leaning toward taking Doncic with the third overall pick of the draft later this week.

Doncic is not expected to fall past No. 4, although with teams down the board having a lot of interest in Mohamed Bamba and Michael Porter's possible a team trades up to get one of that pair and Doncic slides a little.